E-Commerce Website Design & Development

Ecommerce or Electronic commerce is a term for any type of commercial transaction or business which involves the transfer of information across the World Wide Web. It covers a wide range of businesses like consumer based retail sites, auction sites, music sites, exchange trading goods sites etc. It is a current trend of online business.

Ecommerce website allows online user to exchange goods and services electronically with no barriers of distance as well as time. It is a technology which expand rapidly over the past years and is predicted that it’s grow continue with high rate, or even can accelerate.

So whether you are planning to start your online store for selling your products, or you want to update your current online store to new version or another platform, the E-commerce development team at Quancore Softech has profound knowledge for meeting our customer’s expectations with faultlessness. Our team has proficiency in all major E-commerce platforms including Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc. and we offer both website development and e-commerce store migration services at industry best price.

So, if you are planning to make your offline store online over the World Wide Web, then you can choose our E-commerce development services.

Benefits of E-Commerce Websites

  • Increase customer’s trust
  • Convenience & Easiness
  • Selling Products globally
  • Economy
  • Boost Brand Awareness
  • Offer Huge Information
  • Services provided 24*7/365
  • Attract New Customers with Search Engine Visibility
  • Keep Eye on Consumers’ Buying Habit
  • Comprise Warranty Information
  • Decreasing cost of inventory Management
  • Allow Happy Customers to Sell Your Products
  • Expand Market for Niche Products

Choose Suitable E-Commerce Websites Plans

Website Designing & Hosting (Linux) Package    Basic    Standard Premium Ecommerce
Custom Website Designing YesYecvhxhghgszzzzzzz YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
Flash Banner YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
Menu Navigation YesYes Yes YesYes Yes YesYes Yes YesYes Yes
One Free Domain YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
1 Year Website Hosting YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
WebSite Pages(Home Page +) 5YesYes 10YesYes 15YesYes UnlimitedYesYes
Contact Form StandardYesYes StandardYesYes StandardYesYes StandardYesYes
Content Management System (CMS) NoNoNo YesNoNo YesYesYes YesYesYes
User Guid For CMS Website NoYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
Self Manage Text & Images NoNoNo YesNoNo YesYesYes YesYesYes
Submission To Google, Yahoo, Bing NoYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
Basic Search Engine Optimizations NoYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
Photo Gallery YesNoNo YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
Photo Gallery Pages 2YesYes 5YesYes UnlimitedYesYes UnlimitedYesYes
Photo Gallery Images (1 Page) 12YesYes 12YesYes 12YesYes 12YesYes
Newsletter NoYesYes NoYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
Website Visitor Stats NoNoNo NoNoNo YesYesYes YesYesYes
Shopping Cart NoYesYes NoYesYes NoYesYes YesYesYes
Paypal Payment Processing NoYesYes NoYesYes NoYesYes YesYesYes
Unlimited Number of Categories NoYesYes NoYesYes NoYesYes YesYesYes
Unlimited Number of Product Listing NoYesYes NoYesYes NoYesYes YesYesYes
Online Order Management NoYesYes NoYesYes NoYesYes YesYesYes
Web-Based Email YesNoYes YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
24/7 Customer Support YesNoYes YesYesYes YesYesYes YesYesYes
Setup Fee FREE !!NoNo FREE !!YesYes FREE !!YesYes FREE !!YesYes
Package Cost ( Starting From ) Get QuoteYesYes Get QuoteYesYes Get QuoteYesYes Get QuoteYesYes
Hidden Fees/Charges NO !NoYes NO !YesYes NO !YesYes NO !YesYes

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